UNICHEST Co., Ltd. is an industrial design company that has performed various projects since its establishment in 2014. Our team of experts, with their extensive experience, continually strives to understand not only the appearance but the essence of products to deliver designs of greater value. We focus on user experience design to evoke emotions and enhance customer satisfaction, expanding our business through diverse global partnerships in line with global design market trends. We are a company that always seeks innovation and aims for sustainable growth in the market with timeless designs that stay ahead of trends.


Design Service

Product Design - Home appliances, Electronics, Household goods, Medical devices, Environmental products, Visual Design - App, Web, Package, BI, CI, Graphics, UI, Accessories, Proper design, Metal design. 

Design Planning

Design to understand the nature of products and services, not just their appearance, explore the inside, plan based on user experience, and impress consumers.

Design & Prototype production

By developing brands and products internally, planning and design, instrument design, electronics, and prototypes are carried out one-stop. 

Web, App Development

UX, UI / Web, App Planning, Publishing / Social Interface, Micro Interaction Design.

Service planning

Research and analyze strategies to plan overall services and succeed in the market.




2013 The rest is omitted

2013 Red-dot Design Concept Award Winner 

2014 Pinup Design Award Gold Medal 

2014 Pinup Award Authentication (Easy shovel) 

2014 Spark Design Award Finalist 

2015 Pinup Award Gold Medal (Flint Bio Stove) 

2016 IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) Silver

2021 IF Design Awards Winner (Bstick)

2022 MUSE Design Awards Silver 

2022 IF Design Awards Winner (Bio heater)

2022 IF Design Awards Winner (rebless)



2011 'Teaser' combination exhibition 

2012 'Sum' exhibition in Chungdam 

2013 Red-dot design award International on-line exhibition 

2014 KSID International invitational exhibition 

2015 Koppex - Korea Public Procurement Expo

2016 IDSA - International Design Excellence Awards on-line exhibition



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